Five Suggestions for Storing your Car

We have 5 suggestions for storing there cars during the hot summer months here in the valley.

1st. Make sure to use a good quality fuel stabilizer additive and top off the fuel tank before storing.  The fuel stabilizer will help keep the gasoline fresh and from turning into varnish which can cause costly carburetor or fuel injection malfunctions.  Topping off the fuel tank will keep the tank from building up any condensation and causing rust to build up on steel fuel tanks.

2nd. Over inflate your tires.  Normal tire pressure in passenger cars is between 26 to 39 PSI.  If your tires sit in one  spot to long, they will become flat spotted were the tread is resting on the concrete. Flat spotted tire will cause vibrations while driving especially at freeway speeds.
  Over inflating the tires will help keep the tires round shape. We will normally inflate tires to 55 PSI before storing them long term.  Just remember to de-flate them to the recommended pressures the car manufactures suggest before driving the next season.

3rd. Car batteries should either be disconnected (negative side cable will do) or have us install a small fully automatic battery trickle charger,  The advantage to a trickle charger is that your vehicle will be ready to drive when you return to your resort home. All you’ll have to do is unplug the charger and reset your tire pressures. 

4th.  It’s also a good idea to place an open 2 gallon bucket of fresh water on the floor board of the front and back seat.  The water evaporating will help keep your leather seats moist and pliable.  

5th and last suggestion would be to give your car a good bath and cover it with a clean car cover to help keep the dust and dirt off.  

If you ever have any questions about storing your vehicle,  please feel free to call me.

Happy Trails from Big Al