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Lexus and Acura Repair Services
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We specialize in Import car repair too which includes Lexus, Acura and Infinity.

These companies have established themselves as a producer of high end sedans, convertibles, mid and large sized SUVs. They are Toyota and Honda luxury brands, and will provide many years of problem free driving when maintained properly. Although it may be difficult to find a trustworthy shop to work on your Lexus or Acura in Palm Springs, Exotic Car Service has years of experience with these machines. We can handle any repairs your vehicle may need.

Just like any other vehicle, Acura and Lexus will need regular servicing. Having professional check things like belts, fans, pumps, and fluid levels can save you the troubles and expenses associated with major breakdowns. However, luxury cars have unique demands. This is due to their sophisticated features and involved computer systems. Our technicians understand these electronics systems, and can verify that all mechanical and electrical parts are functioning properly. If there are problems, our mechanics have the experience necessary to make repairs quickly and effectively.

Preventive maintenance engine oil and filter services with OEM filters and full synthetic oil start as low as $59.73.

Call us for your next service needs. Engine oil and Filter services start at $104.09 (+haz and Tax fee’s)